Removable awnings with Carbon uprights

Removable awnings with Carbon uprights

Our finest carbon uprights are characterised by their curved or tapered look. This aerodynamic shape also absorbs the tension caused by the stretched canopy.

The sails of our removable awnings are supported by carbon uprights. The shape and location of the uprights, as well as the design of the sails is catered to suit every individual customer.

Upright shapes

We have our own cylindrical, tapered and curved standard shapes but can also design and manufacture any custom upright of choice. Sleek design, lightweight and strong. Our vacuum laminated carbon uprights have many advantages. Everything to meet the clients’ specific requirements.

Sails Assembly

Our sails are made from dedicated outdoor solar protection fabric (such as Serge Ferrari Soltis), with a wide range of colours and transparency options which can be shaped simply as a design statement or styled to provide maximum shading. C-shaped corner pieces near the uprights provide more flexibility to increase shading while the connection to the superstructure can be made by stainless steel rope blocks or with a track. The rope blocks can be a simple flush type or a bespoke stylish version.


SOL-MATES work with three different set of lightings and a fully customizable option. Common interfaces such as DMX signal are supported, and the lighting system can be integrated to existing lighting systems or audio-video systems on board. Lighting can be wired or wireless, according to the needs.

  • linear lighting
  • spotlights
  • custom integration

Aluminum corner pieces.

The corners of the sails that connect to the uprights are executed with an aluminum corner piece. The aluminum corner pieces are functional, but also have an aesthetic goal. The forces that come from the rope to tension the sails will be distributed onto the sails better through the aluminum corner piece. This will improve longevity and better appearance of the sails, allowing us to make the sails bigger roughly by 10% and therefore provide more shade.

Rope blocks

The sails will be attached to the superstructure of the yacht by means of rope blocks. These special rope blocks are made of stainless steel. The rope blocks will be installed to a yard reinforced structure.

Deck connections

We have a unique system to fit the uprights snugly into the deck while allowing easy installation and removal. This system limits any movement and locks the upright in place. An integrated handle is used for locking and lifting. The deck fitting can be the diameter of the upright or a slimline version that limits the impact on the teak deck and is concealed under the uprights. Both solutions can be wired if required. There is a dedicated deck connection for induction powered uprights.


The uprights can be painted any colour or remain in a carbon finish. If the client's desire is to have a wood look, we can accomplish that too.

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