“We provide the maritime industry with high quality shading solutions that are a perfect fit to customer demands. We listen, perform and are reliable.”

Achterkant yacht met jacquizie

Multiple fields of expertise

SOL-MATES has been initiated by 5 entrepreneurs, all with a different but proven track record in the yachting industry ranging in background from composites to metal constructions, from special engineering and 3D engineering to project management. With consolidated knowledge and experience, together with a broad network, SOL-MATES is the trustworthy partner for high-end, bespoke shading solutions.

Production & Craftsmanship

SOL-MATES's staff is committed to crafting the highest quality, best designed, most refined outdoor sun awning systems possible. The attention to detail and the level of quality-control processes the company employs is unique. The design and engineering of every one-of-a-kind sunshade takes place at SOL-MATES in the Netherlands. Every complete sun awning system is [tailor-] made, hand-finished and individually registered by our skilled craftsmen. From the expert upright manufacturers, the engineers, technicians, pattern makers, cutters, and sewers, to the skilled production staff who inspect, cut, sand, finish, assemble, and pack; all eyes are on the finest details. Curious about our systems? Click on each product to know more or contact us for more information.

Achterkant yacht met jacquizie

High-performance uprights

SOL-MATES's precisely engineered high-performance uprights are fully made of state-of-the-art materials: Carbon composites in combination with aluminum and stainless steel in different finishes. They can include [induction] lighting, sound-systems, cooling mist-sprays, and even a cooler for your drinks: this all to improve the quality of your outdoor experience. The fabric shades are hand-cut and sewn of Ferrari Soltis 86/92, a canvas that resists mildew and offers perfect UV protection. All the systems are fully custom-made and accurately installed by our own technicians. Every yacht or property -and their owner - get the solutions, energy, and attention they deserve.